What to expect from a driving lesson


You might be a good driver already and maybe you have perfected the art of parallel parking, but in this article, we are going to explain why everyone (including good drivers) need a driving lesson(trafikkskole kristiansand).

Learn to use mirrors

Mirrors are incredibly important when driving, and a lot of people disregard how important it is to use them when driving. Good driving lessons will show you how to use your interior mirrors and the side mirrors before you do anything. Thinking of changing lanes? Check your mirrors, thinking about speeding, overtaking? beb96… Check your mirrors. For example, most people signal then check their mirrors before the brake, but good driving lessons will show you the correct order of mirror first, signal second and brakes third.

Use of Handbrakes

Most drivers only use handbrakes when the car is stopped finally, but handbrakes can be used in the course of slow motion, for example, if there’s a bit of traffic on a hill, handbrakes are great to keep the car still and it’s much easier to get the car moving from a still position, this tip helps a lot if you are driving a stick shift.

For drivers with a bit of experience, lessons help to take out the bad habits that you have learned over the years, like holding on to the clutch for too long.


Reversing into a parking lot can be very difficult to do on your first try, especially for inexperienced drivers. Also trying to reverse out of a corner. https://kruger.no/bil/, In the UK, most of the roads are quite narrow, executing a 3 point turn is not an easy exercise and the only option is to reverse into a street, you cannot drive on the main road in reverse that would be illegal of course, so the only option is to reverse into a street and turn legally.

Executing Roundabouts and turns correctly

Being able to execute roundabouts in the correct lane can be a challenge to most new drivers. The use of mirrors and signals are very important. Understanding where to enter the roundabout from, which lane you are meant to be and how you are supposed to be signaling are all important details that are learnt in a good driving lesson.

Moving into a new state

While some driving rules are universal, there are still some differences across states and countries. When moving into a new area, it would be wise to enroll in a driver’s lesson to understand the traffic laws that govern your new environment and to learn those laws quickly without getting into unnecessary trouble. It’s not just laws, but also driving conditions, the ability to drive in snowy conditions and traffic conditions might be foreign to you and every city has these unique driving conditions, driving lessons helps to keep you aware and prepare you for all of these.

Licensed but not ready

There are a couple of drivers who have been licensed and may not have driven for a very long time and are not very comfortable just getting back behind a wheel. This driver would be best served with a refresher course that puts them through the basics and gets them confident about being on the road again.